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Child Protection Statement

Members & Parents

Patrician Youth Centre is fully committed to ensure the care, welfare and safety of young people who participate in our Youth Centre. We will seek to carry out this responsibility in a caring, supportive and safe environment. We will value young people as individuals, with unique gifts and talents, and we aim to “foster the personal, social and spiritual development of each young person” in our care. We therefore dedicate ourselves to take all necessary and reasonable measures to protect the young people in our care.

All Staff undertake Child Protection Training and the Centre has two Designated Child Protection Officers to deal with Child Protection issues. The Designated Child


Protection Officers are


Yvonne Maguire

Senior Youth Worker

Richard Morrison

Full Time Youth Worker

Enquiries regarding the above should be directed to the “Designated Child Protection Officers”, Patrician Youth Centre, John Street, Downpatrick, Co. Down, BT30 6HS

Equality & Diversity


The Patrician Youth Centre is committed to equality and diversity.  


The centre is open to all regardless of age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, sex, gender reassignment, HIV status, marriage and civil partnership, nationality or national origins, race, religion or beliefs, responsibility for dependents, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity. The Centre will not tolerate attitudes and behaviour that amount to discrimination on these grounds. 


Equality and diversity is about accepting people’s differences and creating an environment in which all can thrive and contribute. 


Patrician Youth Centre is committed to ensuring that all feel valued, that the skills and talents of individuals are recognised and fully utilised and that the environment in the Centre is productive and rewarding.  The Centre is a place where there is respect for difference in culture and experience.

​Patrician Youth Centre has number of policies and procedures in place to support delivery of Youth Services.  Further information is available on request from the Youth Centre. 

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